Appendix: Clusters

To use Yale cluster (Grace) for compiling with Fortran you don't need to load anything if you are using gfortran compiler. If you want to use Intel compiler you need to load it with
module load Langs/Intel/...
where ... has to be replaced by the version of intel to use.
Yale Cluster (Grace) uses SLURM to manage the job submissions. The command to submit a job is
The file must be a bash file (see next chapter for a very short introduction to Bash).
To verify the jobs that have been submitted, on uses the following command
squeue -u id_of_user
The head of the script file (sh file) must be
One can add some option (before ANY other text):
#SBATCH --job-name=myjob
#SBATCH --partition=nameofthepartition
#SBATCH --time=80:00:00
#SBATCH --output=job_output.txt
Time is in HH:MM:SS. To add days: DD-HH:MM:SS.